It's amazing to me how easy and how difficult it can be to meet and become friends with some of the most fantastic people on this planet.

First, the hard. When I was younger, I was right out of school and eager to build a company with a small group of friends. I wouldn't call myself much of an entrepreneur, however in this case the excitement of not knowing where this company would sail was thrilling. In this particular case, warning signs were ablaze almost every day, but I decided to ignore them because I believed in what we were doing. Turns out that I wasn't a good fit for this group and I didn't realize it until the team started to fracture. About two years in, most of the team decided their interests lay elsewhere, so that was that and I decided that I needed to get off and start something new myself.

It's difficult to find a person, let alone a group of people you want (or even love) to work with. There have been several close-calls since the time I mentioned above and although there was something there, something that myself my colleague(s) could build on, something always prevented that potential from reaching critical mass.

I keep trying though because meeting people is incredibly easy. In fact, I've probably met more upstanding, reliable and amazing people online than off. I've built relationships, close ones even, with many people which all remarkably started with a simple text message on some website somewhere.

Knowing that I'm the type who's performance kicks into overdrive when I'm working with others, I constantly search for someone, anyone, who I can work symbiotically with. When I do find that person, the rewards that come with it are far beyond anything I can ever accomplish alone.

I'll never give up this search.

And I'm also excited at what lies ahead.