Camera Fun

I’ve had a few people ask me about what camera I used to shoot the photos from my Seattle post, so I decided to go a bit deeper and explain my current camera/lens situation. This is part one of a two part post.

Two months ago, I purchased a HELIOS M42 lens from eBay. This was my first ever lens purchase since I bought my Canon T1i back in 2009. This whole time I’ve been using my stock 18-55mm and never really had the satisfaction of exploring what my camera is really capable of.

So after $30 for the lens plus $15 shipping from the Ukraine and a $5 aluminum mount, I was good to go.

HELIOS is a Russian brand of lenses produced when the USSR was still fighting a Cold War with the west. It has no auto-focus and no indicator for focus whatsoever. My model is the M42-44-2 variant, and because these lenses were produced in various factories in the USSR, the quality and nuance of the lens can vary. The build quality is great, mine isn’t as beat up as a few I’ve seen online, but considering it could be as old as me, it’s in great shape.

When you look at the photos I’ve included, take note of the circular bokeh. That and the price of this lens are what compelled me to drop a paltry $50.

If your considering buying a lens for your camera, consider vintage lenses — they’re a lot of fun and usually cheap.

I’ve been posting a few of my shots on Instagram if anyone is curious, check them out: (and don’t forget to follow me).

If you have any questions about this post, feel free to ask!