I think anyone would admit that ideas aren’t something that you can sit down and create at a desk, but rather something that happens to you spontaneously. My mind is constantly coming up with grandiose ideas that really could never be implemented alone or without a great deal of time or effort. Occasionally though, an idea will appear so small and simple that I can’t resist the urge to let it grow into something more real.

I’ve been working on an idea I’ve had for a little over a year now, talking to multiple people in various disciplines, gathering thoughts and ideas in an attempt to solidify my idea into something feasible. Along the way I’ve had plenty of encouragement from friends but more than enough discouragement from myself.

Doubt is the one single greatest killer of ideas.

I pushed on though, sometimes feeling abandoned by those who once encouraged me (perhaps I’m superimposing my own lack of faith in myself onto others), other times feeling on top of the world for figuring out some obscure error message or actually designing something that I can be proud of.

I’m not done with this idea though, it still isn’t a reality and I still have to keep pushing myself forward each day until I complete it. Otherwise, it’ll just be another idea that doubt killed and I won’t know what’s worse: that I didn’t have the ambition to follow through, or that perhaps I wasn’t the right person to make it real.

So every day I shove that doubt from my mind and focus on small, simple and easily achievable goals that inch me closer to launch. And every night when I eventually get to bed I can feel good about how far I’ve taken my idea.